07/16/2015 14:34

We are so thrilled to be taking a group of motivating females on an entrepreneurial business trip that will help them end up being (much more!) brave, prominent and successful masters of their future.

diploma of business


Melissa Knoll, ‘Project Supervisor’, Darwin

For how long have you been with Business Chicks?

Almost a year and I enjoy the sense of community. I remember in my first event, another member Rebecca Bodeman turned up and said to me "business chicks are your new family". The rest is now history!


What do you do for work?

I will be making a shift to a new project supervisor position in an organisation with really strong entrepreneurial culture. They have really motivated me to treat my department as my own company, to make mistakes and gain from them. That's where BSchool will be really useful.


How did you find out about the online diploma of business course at BSchool?

I got the email from Emma and I have actually also been following BSchool on Instagram for a long time now.


What thrilled you most about the course?

I constantly had a fear that I wasn't naturally creative and that this would limit my career progression. After creative thinking was required in the course, I've understood that I am and it offers me so much self-confidence. Plus, after starting an MBA in the past and not getting exactly what I desired out of it (I seemed like I was just rehashing details and not thinking for myself) I'm discovering BSchool fresh, brand-new, a little insane and mind-opening. I have actually come from someone that has no concepts to somebody that has fallen for their own product (In Unit 1: The Big Idea, clients create a fresh idea for a flooded marketplace).


Is there a coach that you're delighted to deal with/ hear from?

Emma Isaacs. It's so hard not to gush about her - she's so inspiring!


Is the BSchool business diploma exactly what you expected? What surprised you?

It's totally unforeseen and a massive surprise however in a really favourable way. I receive calls from the Concierge team who are really interested to see how I'm going. I also receive interesting presents in the mail! I also like that it is created for people who are busy. Compulsory reading is kept to a minimum (no textbooks) and the majority of the course is delivered through brief sharp videos. Every business owner has a ten-minute introduction and what you get is actually remarkable nuggets of details.


How have you managed to balance your regular workload and doing the course?

Just do it. You can get up early and invest half an hour in the early morning. There's no residual guilt doing the course whilst I work due to the fact that it only takes a percentage of my time. The Concierge team acknowledge that we are all hectic; due dates are looser and there's always flexibility for task extensions.